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Benefits of Using Native Plants in Landscape Design.

You may have a lot of exotic plants in your yard but you should also try planting native plants. Native plants are plants that very area enjoys to have naturally. Native plants are a sanctuary to a lot of creatures but they are slowly being replaced by exotic plants in most areas. You can have these plants in your yard and gain the same benefits as with the non-native plants or even more. Throughout US, you can buy native plants and many other plants from countrywide stores or Order plants online.

The law maintenance cost of native plants is one of the benefits of using them in landscape design. Native plants are tailor-made for particular regions where they grow naturally hence requiring little care. Native plant’s ability to resist drought, disease and pests enables them to thrive with less fertilizers, pesticides and water as compared to non-native plants. Regular fertilizers purchases and lawn maintenance costs will require a lot of money. Native plants have deep roots that develop after planting to enable them survive the harsh environment during long draught periods and snowy winters.

Including native plants in your landscape design will also give you the benefit of enjoying beautiful wildlife such as butterflies in your compound. These plants attract birds, insects and mammals because they produce nectar, fruits and nuts that are food to them. By giving wildlife shelter in your garden, you will take part in saving different species from extinction and also have the opportunity to enjoy a close encounter with wildlife.

You will also be taking part soil and water conservation by planting native plants in your yard. You can prevent soil erosion and flooding with the use of native plants because they have deep roots that prevents water from carrying the soil and also prevent storm water from getting wasted into waterways by filtering it to encourage dripping rather than flooding. Native plants grow naturally with less need for spraying herbicides and pesticides and they also need less water to survive. Every chemical that is sprayed on plants causes more harm to our environment by getting into the soil or in water systems.

The beauty of natural diversity can also be restored through planting native plants. An area can be differentiated from other regions through a close observation of the trees and plants found in that area. A new town can be more enjoyable if the plants growing in that region are different from the plants that we regularly see at home. Most exotic plants will be found in almost each garden you visit but planting native plants will bring in some uniqueness in your garden and frequently remind you what is interesting about the region where you live.

Study: My Understanding of Tips

Study: My Understanding of Tips