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There will all the time be challenges and disappointments in our lives. So what? Isn’t that LIFE? I believe our perspective makes all of the difference on the earth…Select to be totally different!

This Hub has provded some info as to how the ANc complied with the dictates of the mining magnates like Oppenheimer; American government,Europeans and others in some smoke filled back rooms when no one is listening or watching; the have passed legal guidelines in opposition to the press, trying to curb its reportage; they’ve been tinkering with the immigration laws, and there are actually more stringent legal guidelines that put a decent reign of those with dual citizenship, and by so doing, oping to rely even those that do not seem on their radar.

These younger folks – the Nairobi 5 are aged between 28 and 33 – signify the flower of the technology of the Soweto college students’ revolt. This was the beginning of their political awakening. The experience of Stalinist and nationalist terror at the hands of the ANC/SACP represents a second phase in a merciless journey of consciousness. A third part is now beginning, wherein these young people will be required to find what additional changes in society and thought are needed to deliver a richly expressive democracy into being in southern Africa.

The Freedom Constitution was collated from a charter of minimal calls for made by our folks. Fifty thousand (50 000) volunteers spanned the length and breadth of this nation masking small villages and dorpies like Wellington, Ashton and De Doorns – everywhere – folks signed the petition in great numbers – demonstrating the mass character of our motion and that the overwhelming majority of the people of this country love the ANC.

If one reads the stats and the alleged dieeds that the ANC have completed, one does not hear them discuss how those 600-a-day-constructed-homes are falling onto folks. At present, in Jabulani Twons, they have built a band new hospital over there. It has taken eight years to have it opened. at present, as I’m onto this Hub, this clinic cannot be opened as a result of it has not received a license for it start accepting patients. Nurses are decreased to dusting, attending ‘dry-run’ exercise, and when it rains, the nurses have to use bucket to catch the water leaking from the roofs. There may be additionally worry that the partitions of the hospital would possibly collapse, and many different such discrepancies.