Shailesh Dash: Meeting all Your Asset Management Needs

There are many people that find themselves staring down a huge windfall of cash. Whether it’s an insurance settlement, lottery winnings, an inheritance or perhaps proceeds from the sale of physical assets, there are many ways in which people may find themselves coming into a significant amount of money in a short period of time. In these instances, one of the wisest things a person can do is speak with an asset management expert like shailesh dash.

What to do with all that Money

The average person may not have experience in asset management, but people who have come into a great deal of money, whatever the reason may be, may benefit greatly from professional asset management. In fact, this sort of financial service is something that wealthy people have enjoyed the benefits from for many years. The real question is what is asset management and how can it help people who are sitting on a large amount of cash.


Asset management is a term used for the managing of liquid or other types of assets through a financial service such as an investment bank. This type of banking has a few different facets. As it relates to …


The David Johnson Cane Bay Guide to Dealing With Call Center Employees

When a customer calls a company’s 800 number with a concern or question, no one tells representatives what to say. While workers are trained to be professional and courteous, they aren’t always successful, and in many cases, customers are left wondering what they did to deserve such treatment. In this guide, readers will learn several things call center reps won’t tell them.

It’s Better Not to Call

While most offshore call centers are there to help callers, many of them are meant to de-legitimize or deflect complaints that may result in a refund and a loss to the company. Companies like these call centers because they’re easy to outsource and there’s no firm record of each call. In some cases, customers get better service through email, which leaves a permanent record and is harder to ignore.

Asking for a Supervisor Doesn’t Always Have the Desired Result

This is a common call center tactic, and few customers know about it. If a customer is frustrated with the representative and they ask to speak to a supervisor, the odds are high that they’ll be passed off to another rep who’s pretending to be a higher-up. Call center workers are sometimes penalized for …


How Kirk Chewning Helps Company Of All Sizes Improve Operational Efficiency

Inefficiency is often a barrier that many companies struggle to overcome, as it leads to wasted time and money and prevents an organization from fulling strategic goals. It is often difficult for a manager to view their workforce with an outside lens, which makes their attempts to improve workflows and overall efficiency futile. Fortunately, a business consultant has the knowledge required to review the processes within a company and make suggestions on ways to increase productivity and enhance the work environment for each member of a company’s workforce.

Software Development

The software a company uses is one of the central contributors to efficiency, or a lack thereof. A professional will examine the programs that are currently in use and make recommendations on other options that will save time and money. If a commercially available option isn’t viable, then many will arrange for the development of a custom solution, which is often more dynamic and will streamline the most time-consuming functions.

Technology Architecture

In addition to the software a company uses, the IT infrastructure that is in place should also be evaluated. It may seem that a business should retain technology as long as possible, but machines that require frequent maintenance …