Citizen Kane

The air assault got here as Israel was involved and feared that Syrian missiles and chemical weapons might fall into the arms of militants similar to Lebanon’s Associated Press quoted a US official as saying the strike hit a convoy of lorries carrying Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles.

They block this Stellar Activation Cycle from taking place by utilizing a mix of highly technological weapons and forces to do this in a fashion that appears to humanity to be a natural disaster or Act of God. The Annunaki have a planet sized Mother Ship called the Nibiruean Battlestar that they can move into position to cause the Earth to undergo tectonic stress. The Draco-Reptilians have constructed a Electronic Frequency Fence across the planet that forestalls our souls from going through the normal journey after demise and imprison us into infinite reincarnations.

That is RIDICULOUS. You possibly can’t just lump all public employees collectively. The woman sitting behind the data desk at DMV is not the identical as a coverage analyst within the Capitol or a school professor. Anyone who desires to problem me on that, come on out to Sacramento and observe the variety of state (and city and county) workers for yourself.

As a substitute of being reinvested in plant and tools, company earnings had been spirited abroad or sought returns within the Johannesburg Stock Alternate (which rose 50% in the course of the first half of the 2000s) and speculative real estate, as the property growth raised home costs by 200% from 1997-2004, in comparison to simply 60% within the US simply previous to its bursting housing bubble.

But, inside the South African context it may be a great tool. Certainly, we can agree that it denotes in most places the nostalgia for what we think about existed – in our case the magical moment of together becoming different, of a reckoning with ourselves and our conflicting histories and a want to rework in depth, of a willingness to pay attention to each other’s tales and actively tolerate, even encourage the dialectic between the specific and the overall, additionally in our cultures and our mother tongues.