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Let me begin with the conflict between the wealthy and the poor. It is well known that the Philippines isn’t really a real democracy but an oligarchy. Oligarchy is outlined by Webster as a form of authorities by which the supreme power is in the palms of a small exclusive class. This unique group are the rich. If you live in the Philippines, you recognize or have heard of some households that run our country in addition to our business. And what about the poor? They only endure and accept what’s handed to them, good or unhealthy!

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I want some assist: I am the admin of two different pages. One sports activities associated and one music. I’ve some issues because of standing update / sharing links /occasions on my music page – i.e. these updates/shares doesn’t seem on my (or followers) Residence/News feed. There is no related issues on the sports activities related web page (which is 5 years old) I created the music page in june 2012.

I was out of work as a result of workplace abuse or bullying from the lead psychologist in a private practice a number of years ago. I used to be in a position to accumulate unemployment benefits for it, so I hope you might have been able to collect these benefits. If not, please apply and inform the Unemployment Workplace all the pieces. Abuse can make you sick, so make them understand that. Go on TV if you must and inform your story. File an EEO report when you’ve got not finished so.