How to Find the Right Financial Match in a Relationship

Financial indifference is one of the leading reasons why relationships end. Couples who are financially incompatible are continually disagreeing about how money is spent, why debt should be accumulated, and how much money should be saved. It is crucial to learn how to find the right financial match to have a successful relationship.

Perspectives on Money

Some people spend money freely while others are incredibly frugal. And there are a variety of spending types that feel between those two descriptions. People should discuss their perspectives on money, such as how it should be spent and saved, before getting into a committed relationship.

A Spender and a Saver

Often a spender and a saver are unable to come to agreements about money, and it can lead to a breakup. If someone is spending money before it comes in and the other person wants to save a third of the couple’s income, arguments are sure to erupt. People should watch how someone they care about thinks about money during the courtship process, so they are prepared for future behaviors.

Be Observant

If a person always pays with cash, it could be an indication of shady practices with money or poor credit. If a credit card is declined during a night on the town, it is likely this person is drowning in debt. Be observant to see the signs of financial problems before committing to someone who mishandles money as married people share these obligations.

Beware of Vicarious Spending

People might want to spend money to impress a future partner. But someone who is constantly spending money to boost his or her image could be overcompensating for insecurities by vicariously throwing money around. This type of overspending can lead to financial issues and disagreements in the future.

Take a few minutes to click here and learn more about the importance of finding the right financial match to have a meaningful relationship. Finances can be a significant source of disagreements and cause couples to split. When couples share how they feel about finances before committing, they have a better chance of financial and personal success.