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ASC has submitted its comment letter to the IFRS Basis on Publicity Draft Trustees’ Evaluation of Structure and Effectiveness: Proposed Amendments to the IFRS Foundation Structure.

Throughout our go to we traveled territories filled with all the adverse stereotypes. The areas we regularly gaze upon in disbelief through the night news. Those with headlines of shootings, medicine, gangs, graffiti, death, abandoned buildings and poverty. The deeper we drove the more delapitated the dwellings. Iron bars adorn the doorways and windows of business and homes. I discovered myself admiring the great thing about the architecture, dismissing the damage and difference in lifestyles – city vs suburbs.

My purpose for 2016 is to reach 300 published hubs. I feel that could be a good challenge, but certainly attainable. One other decision is to begin exercising extra to eliminate the extra weight I’ve placed on overindulging over Christmas (hopefully additionally doable). I’d love to listen to what objectives you have got set yourself for the coming year. Please share in comments.

Like the whole lot else a great measure of coverage rests in its execution. Economic empowerment has merely served to benefit politically-linked individuals despite the lasting promises to broaden the scope and profit the majority. The level of corruption has not assisted in guaranteeing a elementary shift in socio-economic conditions of the majority of the people; however as a substitute it has redirected limited state resources towards benefitting a group of few people with close proximity to energy. The noble perfect of constructing a better life for all” has been overtaken by the political imperatives that demand the sustenance of a patronage community and reward of historic loyalties.

This has been evident in Cato Crest in Durban between September 2013 and January 2014. Violence from the ruling occasion is worse in Durban than in other cities, but state violence is in all places in South Africa. The Marikana Land Occupation in East Phillipi in Cape City has been met with state violence just like the Marikana Land Occupation in Cato Crest. In every single place in South Africa the state is unaccountable to poor folks and tries to regulate us with violence.