Leadership and Certifications at Naimor Metal Fabrication

For people seeking metal fabrication in the Redmond or Bellingham areas, there is really only one company to consider. This company is Naimor Metal Fabrication. They are also known as K&K Industries and Automated Metal Technologies. They are able to perform all kinds of tasks, from router cutting to laser cutting. Their services focus on a range of metal and technical fabrication, and they do so within one, single company.

About Naimor Metal Fabrication

Naimor Inc focuses on American-made quality as part of their marketing strategy. They focus on meeting the needs of companies of all sizes. This company has a 25,000 square-foot manufacturing location that has been a significant, forward-propelling investment for the company in the past few years. As part of their desire to help meet the needs of customers as soon as possible, Naimor promises to expedite any prototypes for customer contracts within three to five days. After this step has been completed and approved by the customer, Naimor can begin producing quantities of the prototype within two weeks. One of the company’s proudest projects is finding new ways to clean up oil spills.

Leadership at Naimor

There are several people at the head of the company who make sure that these promises are kept as closely possible to the claims Naimor stands behind as part of their operations. ShahrokhNaieni is at the very head of the reins, and he has almost three decades of experience in managing the manufacturing process. He also focuses on product development for companies that range from Fortune 100 to high-tech start-ups.

The plant manager and co-owner, Mojdeh, also has a great deal of experience under her belt. She works with high-volume and high-speed assembly lines to make sure that projects remain on schedule as much as possible. She is known for her abilities in streamlining processes to keep the manufacturing tasks at hand as effective as possible. Some of her background experiences include working in manufacturing Aerospace tools and technologies.

Another co-owner and the head of research and development is Ali. He brings a great deal of experience from his days as a scientist for Weyerhaeuser to the table for Naimor. He is trained in both Auto-CAD and CNC programming, so he will be able to handle designing projects for clients with great ease. He makes sure that all customers walk away from a design meeting with their needs being met and expectations exceeded.

Certifications Obtained by Naimor Employees

There are many certifications that people who work at Naimor have obtained over the years. As mentioned previously, Ali is trained in both Auto-CAD and CNC. However, the business has gained national recognition for their unsurpassed customer service. The company belongs to the Center for Advanced Marketing Puget Sound (CAMPS). This association of manufacturers, professional service providers, and supply chain partners all has common interests that drive innovation factors to find solutions for the 21st Century workforce.


It comes as no surprise that Naimor is growing. The company is truly a representation of the American dream: building a company from the ground up with the focus on only serving their customers.