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Insurgent RSS chief Subhash Velingkar-led Goa Suraksha Manch (GSM) has supplied to project MGP leader Sudin Dhavalikar as the Chief Ministerial face for the upcoming Goa Legislative Meeting elections, if the latter’s party forges an alliance with them.

Naturally the media had a field day, however behind the sensational headlines lay an incontrovertible reality: no one who dares to criticise Mbeki or the ANC authorities’s policies will escape the wrath of Luthuli House or the West Wing within the Union Buildings. A technique of sidelining internal criticism, as proven in the silencing of William Makgoba when he attacked the government’s AIDS policies, has been to equate criticism from blacks, including ANC members, with that of ‘reactionary’ or ‘counter-revolutionary’ whites.

Probably the most speedy obstacle the MIC and Secret Space Program confronted after World Conflict II was that of secrecy but this was soon overcome by creating and building new navy instillations in distant areas within the American West and remote regions of Canada. Also the underground services already established for The Manhattan Challenge had been utilized, as effectively.

One of the principal reasons Assad is turning the opposite method is that he acknowledges his debt to Hezbollah for the great help that Hezbollah fighting sides by facet with syrian army and his struggle against the Syrian insurgency. He will therefore he must pay a gratitude to his Lebanese ally help in making ready for warfare with Israel.

That they have been the power was rapidly lost upon the poor for now they had been having to take care of much more powerful forces who were also in their face. As for the elected leaders, they have been the cheerleaders of affirmative action, corporitization, privatizing and all the things: water, schooling, authorities, electrical energy, labor power; the ruling authorities helped arrest the event of the skills already in South Africa, and faux that we need foreigners with expertise.