Regulating Welfare

U.S. petrostates and cities are seeing shrinking tax revenues, wide budget deficits, adverse credit ratings, rising unemployment — and, in some circumstances, even outright recession.

After 17 years of democracy, our townships are damaged. All you see are drunk women and men strolling aimlessly like zombies, their bloodstreams flowing with low cost alcohol. That is how we drug ourselves in opposition to the nightmare of a democracy that is really neo-apartheid and not put up-apartheid. That is how we drug ourselves in opposition to a society that has no respect for us, no place for us and no future for us.

There is a hazard that this crisis will cause some people to give up on democracy. There are actually plenty of forces including NGOs, political parties and businessmen in search of tenders that need to capture the anger of the poor for their very own purposes. It is clear that most of these forces want to use the poor as ladders and can’t be trusted. It’s clear that the answer to this crisis is not to have completely different folks use the poor as ladders. It’s time to take the ladders away.

I’d look back into the historical past of the ANC dueling its Quatro stint to get a greater probability of understanding what we’re coping with and be better ready to cope with it, than wishful consider hoping the the they youth at the moment can handle this ogre. No, they are ailing-equiped to take care of the ANC, and it’s our duty to open the dialogue and submit the history and evolution of the ANc from exile and what we wee them doing at present in South Africa.

In Nov. the Republicans are going to win huge. However that doesn’t mean they’re going to hold it. If the get together goes the way in which of Lindsey Graham and different pseudo-Progressives, most voters are going to bail. Which will probably be attention-grabbing. It would be unprecedented to have the American folks utterly abandon one political party and within an election cycle abandon the opposite political social gathering for the opposition. Within a generation we could have seen the pendulum swing a technique then the opposite.