The Stock Market And Pessimistic Press Headlines (2)

Youngsters with Craniosynostosis and their carers could also be eligible for monetary assist. The level of support will depend on each individual case.

Presumably Medicare/Medicaid are going up in line with increased ranges of unemployment? If insurance companies are growing their premiums it will little doubt be to recoup their perceived losses from having to tackle shoppers with pre-present conditions. Oh and to cowl the price of all the lobbying they’ve been doing to attempt to forestall changes to the established order.

The Public protector is defending the poor from the likes of Zuma and the ANC, and they are mouthing barren and banal apologies, like that ‘they are protecting the integrity of the President and the ANC, and to ensure adherence to the letter and spirit of the electoral Act, its code of Conduct and all its rules. These are the same charges that one can glen-off Thuli’s Report.

Within the Black Consciousness Movement we read loads. Some of us began as youngsters. We read Frantz Fanon’s warning about leaders who ship the oppressed to their caves and tell them to depart politics to the professionals or the messiahs. We understood clearly that a radical politics is a democratic politics and that a democratic politics is one wherein the oppressed participate in all decision-making.

It has been twenty years, and on the last yr of the previous 20 years, had been are going through nationwide elections, and the ANC is competing to be reinstated again in to power. The abnormal folks say it plainly that they’ll vote for the ANC, however they’ve a bone to choose with the maladministration, incompetence and corruption and so forth that is so endemic within the ANC and pandemic all through its governance.