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All About Koozies

If you have ever seen those foam like things that you put or cover your bottles or can of drinks with so that they will remain cold for a long time, then these are what you call koozies. Beer sleever, beer hugger, can cooler, or koolie stubby holder are the other names given by people to koozies. The main purpose why the koozie was invested is so that you are able to hold your can or bottle of beverage while it is very cold.

Because of its great looks, many companies today use koozies as a promotional product. This is very inexpensive and if the koozie is used frequently, then the company’s name is displayed all over the place. It is a great means of promoting your company brand because people will be bringing it everywhere.

The main material used for making koozies is foam. Polyester, neoprene and open cell foam are the different types of foam used for koozies. There are many differently colored, designed, and shaped koozies that you can purchase in the market today. The different types of koozies that you can buy include foam koozies, slip on stubby holders, water bottle stubby holders, and collapsible stubby holders.

Koozies are not only for holding your beverage cans or bottles, but they can actually help keep them cold for a longer time. Your hands can get wet is water condenses outside the bottle or can, but with a koozie, it can keep it dry. Koozies are able to control the temperature of the beverage contained in the can or bottle. You have enough time to drink your beverage which it is being kept cold by your koozie. Koozie can also be used for drinking hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate.

Koozie designs can be customized. As we have mentioned above. Businesses can put their company logo on koozies and give them as promotional gifts. When there are birthdays, weddings, or special events, you can give a customize koozie as a gift. Koozies can contain messages, names, greetings, logos, art work, or any nice and unique design that you can make.

If is fun to collect koozies for a hobby. Gather all the koozies you can get from different events. You can bring your own koozie on special events you will be attending. Bring your koozie for outdoor and camping activities. Cold drinks at sports events can make use of your koozie.

If you want to make your own koozie design, you can do so online. You can create fun koozie’s for every occasion. Simply go to websites where you can make your own customized koozie design. With this koozie design websites, you can now create your own design for promotional gifts, for special event use, or for giving to your friends as a gift for a special day.

Lessons Learned About Gifts

Lessons Learned About Gifts