Month: May 2017

Apple vs. Microsoft: The Battle for Technological Dominance

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft is one of the most iconic and enduring conflicts in the tech industry. For decades, these two tech giants have vied for technological dominance, each revolutionizing the way we interact with computers and devices. In this article, we delve into the history of the Apple-Microsoft rivalry, their respective strengths and weaknesses, and how they have shaped the modern technology landscape.

The Origins of the Rivalry

1. The Early Days

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft dates back to the 1970s and 1980s when both companies emerged as pioneers in the personal computer industry.

2. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

The rivalry was personified by the intense competition between Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, and Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, both visionaries with contrasting approaches to technology.

The Operating System Battle

1. Macintosh vs. Windows

The rivalry reached a turning point with the release of the Macintosh by Apple and Windows by Microsoft, leading to a fierce battle for the operating system market.

2. User Experience and Interface

Apple’s focus on user-friendly interfaces and design aesthetics contrasted with Microsoft’s approach, which prioritized broader compatibility with third-party hardware.

Innovation and Product Offerings

1. Apple’s Product Revolution

Apple’s product …

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Stabilization of the slope with geotextile

Sometimes in the planning of a building, road / transportation facilities and other physical buildings are faced with geographical condition of sloping land or slope. The slope is a sloping ground and forms a certain angle to a horizontal plane. There are two soil surfaces of different altitudes, so there will be forces pushing so that the higher ground position tends to move downwards called the gravitational potential force causing the landslide. Thus, the stability of existing buildings on it is highly dependent on the stability of the slope below it. That is, although structurally above the building is safe, but if the condition of the land that supports it is prone to landslide, it will result in the building becomes prone to collapse and unsafe.

The geographical condition of this sloping slopes can generally be found in hilly areas and riverbanks. Therefore, before the building is built on it, the slopes or sloping conditions should be stabilized to avoid landslides during the life of the building.

In the maintenance of good slope stability, especially in riverbanks, one needs to be made of reinforcement of earth using geotextile, as you can see in In general the main objective …

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