Trademarks Versus Copyrights

Many people, especially those new to the business world, confuse trademarks and copyrights. It is easy to see why because they do have a lot in common. Both provide legal protection for intellectual property. However, the types of property that each protects are different from one another. What follows is an overview of how trademarks and copyrights are similar to one another, as well as how they are different.

Copyright vs. Trademark: "Can I Copyright My Band Name?"


Both trademarks and copyrights go into effect right away. You do not need to register them for them to be valid. However, you can gain extra protections for your intellectual property by registering a copyright or with a trademark filing Plano TX. Registering a trademark or a copyright produces a record of its creation and makes it easier to enforce.


If you have a work of original authorship, a copyright provides protection for it. Examples of works of original authorship include the following:

  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Poems
  • Nonfiction works (e.g., biographies)
  • Musical compositions
  • Artistic works (e.g., paintings and sculptures)
  • Photographs
  • Audio or video recordings

For copyright protection to apply, the work must exist in a fixed form, which includes electronic forms. If you own the copyright over …

4 Things To Consider When Starting a Business

You may have come up with the most exciting product ever imagined, but if you don’t create a business and get the item out to the public, no one will ever know about it. That is where your entrepreneurship comes into play. You can start a company to market your new idea, and in the process, you might make a fortune. Before you begin planning your success, however, here are four things you need to look into.

1. Building

Look for a building with a good location. If you need customers to come into the shop, make sure there is ample available parking. Work with a realtor that understands the city because you will need to know the crime levels in that area, as well as how easy the building is to find.

2. Insurance

There are many types of insurance policies available, and business insurance in Peoria AZ is one you will need to look into. From vehicle to building to liability, you may need all of them or just a few. Ask your agent whether an umbrella policy is better for your situation or if you need add-on policies.

3. Employees

Hire the best employees you can …

5 Saving Strategies For You Who Are Wasteful!

Many people say that saving is increasingly difficult because the cost of living is getting higher every day. On the other hand, saving seems impossible because of our own perspective about the use of money that is narrow. We often spend a lot of money without us knowing. Here are some good tips for you who want to save money:

Cheapskate vs. Frugal - 12 Signs You May Be Crossing the Line

Do not fixate on famous brands

Look at the price of the goods, not the brand. Brands that are not popular in the community but have the same quality and function will save a lot of your expenses.

Find a Substitute for Money to Get the Items You Want

Want to buy things that are quite expensive? Access certain websites or forums to find people who want to exchange the items you want for the items you have. By exchanging your items which are rarely used for the items you want, you don’t need to spend extra money. The smaller you spend money, the easier you can save.

Selling Unused Items

To get additional income, don’t waste your unused items. Access the used goods sales website, and list the items you want to sell there. In this way, you can …