Creativity Is Not Just For Artists

In the past, creativity was a very desirable skill to poses if you were striving to become an artist, actor or musician. But it got you very little respect in business school. If you were an outside the box thinker, then you got strange looks and were told to follow the rules, guidelines or syllabus of the class. But the new breed of entrepreneur has made creativity a highly coveted trait in the business world for more reasons than one.

Being creative is about more than just having a flair for drawing or being good at selecting the perfect color. True creativity goes far beyond the art world; it is a different or unique way of looking at the entire world. A creative person will see more than one solution to any problem and they might not always see the mundane solution that most people view as the only option or solution. And because they see many viable solutions to a challenge, they see the value and the learning opportunity in selecting what might not be the best solution. A creative mind will not look at a failed attempt as a failure. They see it as a learning experience for what didn’t work for this problem but what might work at another point in time.

Seeing numerous potential solutions to an issue also means that a creative mind is not locked into a single path to a solution. This person sees that a solution that didn’t work is merely an indication that a different direction is needed to find the solution. They are willing and happy to explore that new direction. A creative mind relishes the opportunity to think in new directions, outside the box and to seek new and better options even when there is an old standard in place. This broadening of perspective and innovative way of thinking has provided many advances in every aspect of daily life. And businesses are realizing that a creative thought process is the path to innovation and improvement in the business world. Creative thinking is for more than just art, it is the path to a successful future.