Why entrepreneurs should get personal assistants too


There is the social perception that a person ought to only hire a personal assistant if their business is at soaring heights such as a CEO. Entrepreneurs starting do have to do everything on their own, but as the company expands they will need extra help. That is the purpose of having a personal assistant, as they can run errands, leaving you to work on more tangible ways of bringing your company’s goals to fruition. Let’s take a closer look as to how to know if you require a PA.

You’re not getting a lot done like you used to

You have a meeting with the digital strategist, but you also need to take your suit to the dry cleaners for a corporate event that’s on later that week. While at these are essential, if you feel that you have too much on your plate and there aren’t enough hours on any given day, it’s perhaps time to get an assistant. They will be able to free up your schedule so that you can focus on the strategic aspect of the company.

As an entrepreneur, you should be focusing on what you’ve been paid to do. You’ll find that administrative work and finance are better assigned to someone else to follow up on. Instead of focusing on getting the right vendors or planning an event, an assistant can run point so that you can for examples prepare for an upcoming pitch instead of having to worry about a call from a supplier asking for their money.

You’re missing meetings and deadlines

If you’re finding that you’re falling behind on tasks or forgetting when you have meetings scheduled, then it’s an indication that you need help. Such aspects are solved by keeping a diary, physical or virtual, but if there’s already a lot vying for your attention, then you need someone else to help manage your schedule. You’ll also be able to prevent instances where you double book. Your business thrives because of meetings and meeting targets in a timely version. If you’re beginning to fail in that area, it’s time to make an additional hire.

You can afford it

Lastly, you have to run the books to ensure that you’re able to take another staff on board. You should also look at the long-term implications. If you find that you’re unable to take in more business, are procrastinating and you don’t have time for creative thinking, the hiring an assistant would pay off. With one helping you run your day, more can get done and ultimately improve your output and consequently, profits.