Law, Order and Financial Integrity: The Many Roles of a Detective

Detectives play a role in every branch of law enforcement, as well as in the civilian realm. These truth-seeking individuals are much like scientists and other researchers; they follow clues and leads in search of answers.

Police and FBI

The police departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation maintain law and order, and they engage in detective work to find criminals and solve crimes. Both of these roles, police detective and FBI agent, require years of training and study. Besides staying in top physical shape, they must remain current on all the scientific innovations that aid in their investigations.

Private Security Companies

There are security companies in Fort Worth TX that employ former military personnel and police officers. Already highly skilled, these individuals are a perfect fit in the private sector, both as safety officers who protect people and property, and as detectives. These detectives focus more on finding answers than catching criminals but often find themselves in collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Private Investigators

Thanks to books and movies, most people have an image of what a PI does, at least the way they used to do it. With today’s technology, however, the investigative process is a bit more sophisticated. Like the detectives who work for private security companies, these private investigators focus on finding people and answers. Their work is often personal and sensitive and requires a high degree of confidentiality.

Forensic Accountants

Though it may be hard to imagine accountants and detectives in the same category, it’s not that big a stretch. Tracking down errors and proving the accuracy of information are two of the primary skills of an accountant. Forensic accountants, however, find inaccuracies that are deliberate and designed to cover up crimes like embezzlement and fraud.

The detective business offers a wide variety of career choices. From law enforcement to the financial realm, there are many opportunities for those who enjoy research and investigation.