Your Guide to credit scoring API

One of the most challenging tasks for lenders or banks is to accurately verify and process loan applications. After all, sanctioning loans to a person with a poor credit score can be devastating for a lender. There are many unbanked persons who need a loan, but assessing their credit history is a little challenging. This is where the best Credit Scoring API comes to play. The modern credit score API allows you to assess unbanked persons through alternative data sources to ensure that they meet your desired risk requirement.

Make the Right Decision By Analyzing Alternative Data

Credit scores can’t give a complete picture of the financial condition of loan applicants. This means both borrowers and lenders can miss out on some opportunities if they don’t consider other metrics to evaluate creditworthiness.

Around 32 percent of UAE’s total population is unbanked, earning around AED 2,500 per month (UAE Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority). Analyzing alternative data inputs, for example, utility payments, on-time rent payments, etc., can show a more detailed picture of unbanked applicants. While alternative credit data is generally not considered in credit scores, this can boost the rates of loan approval. And you can easily analyze this data using this API.

This API is designed and developed to utilize both alternative and traditional data to create a comprehensive credit history of the applicants. This allows you to expand your loan services to underbanked or unbanked individuals.

Automate Different Processes With Credit Score API

Why waste time by handling tasks manually that can be automated using the best credit score API? For example, automating your credit decision. By analyzing and evaluating your applicants’ alternative data, the system can automate lending decisions. Just set the parameters, and the system will handle the tasks. The API can also combine transactional data obtained from banks as well as through machine learning technology so that you can lower the risk. Based on the risk policy, the system can also approve or decline loan applications instantly. What’s more? You can also integrate product recommendation API along with the credit score API to suggest the best financial products to your customers.

Integrating the API

The best thing is that the API is very easy to integrate. All you need to do is add a few lines of code to your website, and it is ready to work. It will instantly start sourcing alternative data of applicants.

If you are searching for a standalone system to run credit checks, then a web-based credit API will be the best option. With this, you can get easy access to credit reports and can enjoy a fraud detection facility without using any extra software. The API is customizable and comes with some pre-trained models so that you can use it instantly. On the other hand, it can run smoothly in the cloud and on your premises. So, integrating it will not be that difficult for you.

Closing Thoughts

Take your lending or banking business to a new level of success with these technologies. Using them, you can offer the best and right financial services to your customers. Besides, you can integrate both the credit score and product suggestion apito recommend the best financial products to the customers based on their credit history. Use these APIs and power up all your fintech products!