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Without this ethical grounding, resources that are meant to uplift our individuals are being wasted in corruption as evidenced by the damning report of the auditor-general showing that billions are misspent regularly on wasteful expenditure. When there’s freedom the individuals do not need to beg the government to recognise them as vital. When there may be freedom, individuals are free from hunger, poverty, illness, homelessness and the lack to meet fundamental wants. Justice, peace, dignity and entry to the nation’s wealth are central to freedom.

This doesn’t imply it’s only up to the ANC, SACP and Cosatu to rescue the country from crises. There are numerous patriots and comrades in present and emerging organised formations who are vital to the process. Then there are the legal avenues and institutions equivalent to the public protector’s office and human rights fee that – including the final word appeal to the constitutional court docket – can test, expose and problem injustice and the infringement of rights. The strategies and tactics of the grassroots – trade unions, civic and group organisations, women’s and youth teams – signpost the way ahead with their non-violent and dignified however militant action.

There aren’t any simple answers and I pray that every one of us should not be afraid to enter into this uncomfortable dialogue as a vital a part of reflecting on the 20-12 months journey of our nation. Now we had been bombarded with headlines touting the numbers: TARP TO SPEND $8 BILLION TO SAVE GM – AUTHORITIES GIVES GM $51 BILLION… and on and on.

Israel had no tanks, navy plane, heavy machine guns, artillery, armored vehicles, anti-tank or anti-plane weapons. It had no assistance from the U.S. and all the area was beneath a U.S. arms embargo and had been for a while. We join with these ex-detainees in demanding that the ANC arrange an independent commission of enquiry into the atrocities perpetrated in the Umkhonto we Sizwe camps. By 1951, a quarter of a million Jewish immigrants were living in tents in Israel and 80 percent of these had been refugees from Islamic international locations.