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how to Reverse Thinning Hair

There was a recent discovery that could help those who had the condition of hair loss. It is a non-surgical treatment for the condition, called low level laser therapy. It turned out that the technology is not a recent discovery. The technology was already being applied in other areas, such as chronic pain management, among others. The doctors came to this discovery by accident, since it was not their aim to cause hair to increase growth, but that was what was happening. Cancer was feared as one of the effects of using this type of laser on people. To ascertain this, a low level laser was used on mice, which instead had more hair growing where the laser had landed. It was an accidental discovery that would not be seen as useful until much later.

Unfortunately, there has never been a distinct explanation of how low-level laser therapy can increase people’s hair growth rates. Some say that it could be because the therapy increases the amount of blood that flows to that area being treated. Others argue that it has to be the transfer of energy from the light right into the cells that causes the accelerated hair growth. it is important to note that this therapy will not work on areas that have completely gone bald. You will also have to be on regular therapy to ensure the effects are constant.

There are two variants of the low-level laser products. There is the one that is designed to be safe to use at home. This one has made it safe for people to stay at home and still take their treatments. Its only problem is that it will lack optimum intensity and optimum coverage, when compared to the other type. The other type on the other hand can only be used at the doctor’s office. It gives forth a lot more energy and coverage. You only need to make frequent and constant visits to the doctor’s office for treatments. But there is yet to emerge a clear winner in terms of performance.

Low level laser therapy has been found to be good for patients who suffer from androgenic alopecia, irrespective of the fact that they are men or women. It is ad that for such an effective treatment, it cannot do much for those who have already gone completely bald, or for patches of complete baldness. It is most effective on thinning hair. There are distinct procedures to both type of therapy. And as much as there is no clear winner, they are both helpful in what they were designed to do.

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