5 Essential Factors To Consider When Hiring Restaurant Contractors In Houston

In the current restaurant job market, many people are looking to enter the industry for the first time. Matthew Kenney Cuisine co-hosted a webinar with OpenTable to discuss how to land the perfect role.

When interviewing candidates, it’s essential to determine whether they view their position as a long-term career or a temporary gig. Their answer can help you avoid high turnover rates that could hurt your business.


Restaurants require a particular skill set and a unique work environment. They are low-margin businesses that have extended hours and intense physical demands. This can be stressful for workers, especially when management is unsupportive or rude.

When a new restaurant opens, hiring a team that will deliver the best iteration of the brand and positively contribute to the company culture is essential. However, it is difficult for restaurateurs to find staff in Houston’s tight labor market. Some owners have even had to beg for help online to fill open positions. Restaurant owners need a team aligned with the business from the start to avoid costly delays. The proper construction firm can make this possible. They can bring the owner’s vision to life and build a restaurant to impress guests.


Restaurant builders can create the atmosphere your restaurant needs. Your contractor must understand and communicate your vision. This can be accomplished by asking for their previous restaurant clients’ references.

Look for a firm that is local to your area. This will make navigating the nuances of local regulations and securing permits a breeze. Additionally, they will be more familiar with the area’s food and cultural scene.

Stovall Construction Inc. is one of Houston’s top restaurant contractors Houston. They specialize in ground-up design and construction, remodels, and expansions. They have also completed work for numerous national and international brands. Restaurants, on average, renovate every 5-7 years to keep up with industry trends and attract new customers.


There is an upfront cost to buying restaurant equipment, but some restaurants also lease their commercial kitchen appliances. This saves restaurateurs money up front and allows them to pay for repairs as they occur.

When selecting a contractor, look at their experience with commercial projects similar to yours. Ask if they have worked in restaurants, and ensure you get past clients’ references.

Stovall Construction Inc. is a licensed general contractor who has worked on projects across different market sectors but excels in the restaurant space.


A licensed general contractor will be able to provide clients with detailed estimates of the cost of their project. They will also help navigate any local regulations or nuances that may arise during construction.

Many restaurant owners need to realize the unique insurance risks that come with their business. From the risk of credit card data theft to the potential costs of spoiled food from power outages, restaurants face many hidden hazards. The right insurance coverage can reduce these risks and save your restaurant money.

Look for a firm that offers workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and property insurance. This will ensure you’ll be covered if an employee gets hurt during construction. It will also cover damage to your property caused by fires or floods caused by heavy rains.


Restaurant construction projects pose unique commercial challenges, and finding a firm that understands how to build for restaurants is crucial. Finding a flexible contractor willing to work with you is essential to realize your vision.

Licensed general restaurant contractors Houston will help you plan the project upfront and develop a timeline to ensure it’s completed on time. They will also be able to meet your budget requirements and other parameters, such as safety regulations.

It’s also a good idea to find out their communication style so you can be on the same page during the build. Miscommunications can throw off a project’s schedule and budget. The right contractor will be able to quickly solve problems as they arise and keep the project moving forward.