Are You in Love? 5 Ways to Tell You’re Head Over Heels


Most believe that falling in love happens gradually, yet, there are people that don’t reject the fact that it may come all of a sudden. Some give evidence that chemistry may occur after a single glance into a person’s eyes, either we speak of meeting someone in real life or viewing photos on a dating site. Indeed, current technologies allow for taking the high-resolution pictures that you can’t simply take your eyes off. And lots of men find single mature women here by just viewing their photos and reading the basic information. However, to understand whether it’s a true love, one needs to consider some peculiar factors.

5 signs you are in love

  • You’re afraid of losing her

A single thought of it makes you scared to death? You don’t even want to imagine her with another man? Ok, that’s the case. Looks like you are beginning to feel something real, something that could lead to the most significant decision of your life.

  • You’re always trying to impress her

That’s another fact proving you’ll do whatever it takes to be with her. When you are about to bend your own rules and become a vegetarian if that’s what she wants, it’s a true sign you are caught in the nets of love.

  • She’s always on your mind

Just like in the song, right. You see a restaurant and think of inviting her there, you visit a shop and think of a present for her, you check your mail and think of writing to her… In other words, whatever you do, you think of her. Man, you are in love!

  • You want to become a better person for her

Already thinking of hitting a gym and earning some extra funds to be a match for her? Stakes are high, you are falling deeper into that kind of feeling that makes people move mountains.

  • You just want to make her happy

Some time past you could only think of yourself and your toneless living… It was before, but now it’s not just you. Whenever she’s sick, you do your best to make her recover faster; each time she’s overwhelmed with the work, you want to help her to do the rest of things. In such moments you start noticing that she’s much more important than any of your personal needs. That’s because you love her!

Sometimes people fall in love without even noticing it, so search your feelings and understand whether this is the case for you.