How to Make a Business Plan Easily

Starting a business is not easy, there are many things that you must prepare beforehand, one of which is often forgotten is a business plan or business plan.

A business plan does not have to be used for large-scale businesses, even small-scale businesses must also have a clear business plan.

With this business plan, it becomes a reference and guideline for the business to run smoothly.

Maybe many business people in Indonesia today do not have a business plan, as long as their guidelines run smoothly and there are no losses.

Through a detailed business plan, you as a business owner can find out how the business is growing.

Steps to Create a Business Plan

Doing Research

To make a good business plan, you need to do detailed research on the business you will be running.

Things you should know about your products such as business competitors, products that are currently selling and potential customers of your products.

With the results of careful research, you can understand more deeply about your own business.

In addition, the research results can understand market needs and develop new products according to market demand.

An easy way of research can be done by observing business competitors who have been successful, then observe, imitate and modify with better ones.

Setting Business Goals

After the research is complete, then you determine what business goals you will achieve. Having clear business goals can be used as a future business direction and can avoid failure.

Therefore, immediately write down your business goals and with clear business goals can be your guide in making a decision.

Create a Company Profile

A company profile is one of the mandatory things that must exist. By having a company profile you will be able to introduce your business to everyone.

Therefore, make a company profile that is as attractive as possible.

Generally the company profile uses a website so that it can be accessed by everyone.

Create a Marketing Strategy

A great business cannot be separated from a great marketing strategy.

With the research data that you got earlier, you can start doing marketing strategies more aggressively.

Make a marketing strategy timeline so that you can be more organized in carrying out marketing techniques to potential customers. The following is an example of a marketing strategy in business:

Carry out product launch
Doing promotions
Digital marketing

Making Financial Reports

Without the financial statements, the business cannot be known to be in a profit or loss position.

Well this is the importance of financial statements for your business.

In addition, the existence of financial reports can be one of the business evaluations, as material for innovation, as a reference for decision making and business accountability reports.


The last thing is to evaluate the extent to which the business is running whether it is in accordance with the initial goals made or not.

Do an evaluation on a monthly and annual basis about the business that you are already in.