These 3 Examples Show a CPA Does More Than You Might Think

The certified public accountant is a career many people might think they understand. In reality, though, most members of this expert field know there is more to the job than a cursory consideration would suggest.

Help Shape a Company’s Workforce

A highly trained and specialized CPA is often among those influencing an executive team at firms of all sizes when decisions need to be made about hiring and firing employees. No matter the focus or industry involved, an accountant with the UCPAA or another organization is out there with the expertise needed to provide some assistance.

Help Employees Plan for the Future

It might be in the realm of a CPA’s expertise to provide assistance for an individual or team of employees considering a retirement plan. Forecasting the risk versus reward in investments and other considerations can be a daunting task, but the right professional can make it look easy.

Help Establish Marketplace Norms

Since the best accountants are tuned in to trends and other factors affecting the financial climate, they can also be employed to use their knowledge to set fair market prices for an array of products or services.
While the basic role of a CPA might be common knowledge, the way these professionals use their skills can put their skills to use is more varied than some laypersons would realize.