Value-Added Benefits for Tenants Insurance Policy

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The major type of cover provided by tenant insurance policies often includes the property of the tenant, personal liability, additional living expenses. However, some insurance companies provided some other coverage and value-added benefits that a tenant can opt for when they are looking for insurance cover. All you just need to do is to properly go through their insurance policies and everything they can cover and then choose what you are interested in. Some of the other coverage you might want to check for, with your insurance company as a tenant are discussed subsequently.


If you are an art lover, you could invest in some artworks. In the event of fire, theft or other similar incidences, you could lose your artworks. The insurance company will cover for the price of replacing the arts or pay for measures to recover the art. An insurance company can provide artwork cover for you.


Jewelry is a very important item most of us hold dear. This is considering that a small piece of jewelry could be worth thousands to even millions of dollars. If you have invested significantly in buying jewelry, it would be advisable to get an insurance cover for your jewelry so that you won’t have to bear the loss alone in the event of any incidence that makes you lose the jewelry.


If you are living in an earthquake-prone area, you could get earthquake insurance. Based on this insurance cover, the insurance company will replace everything you lost as a result of an earthquake affecting the house you have rented.

Legal information

Some insurance company provides legal information for those that have taken a tenants insurance policy with them. The information helps tenants to know exactly what their rights are and the best way to relate with their landlords. This will go a long way to avoid them getting into trouble with their landlords or neighbors. The legal information could also include family law, properties, inheritances, permits and licenses, social benefits, contracts, and employment among others. You could check Lemonade Home Insurancereviews to see if they provide this service.

Home care services

In the event of damaged property, the right insurance policy could make your insurance policy provide you with home care services. The home care services could include a visiting nurse, homemaking when returning from being admitted in the hospital, babysitting when you are hospitalized, and babysitting for sick children among others.

Seniors Tenant Insurance

It is possible to get insurance when you are living in a Seniors or retirement home. This type of insurance policy will cover items such as scooters, wheelchairs, or hearing aids for the senior.

College/University Tenants Insurance

As a student in a university or college, you would need to stay in a hostel or rent an apartment. You would need to bring in your property to the hostel or apartment that could be lost due to the carelessness of other hostel mates or to criminals and other disasters. The college/university tenants’ insurance could help you cover these types of losses.