Traits of a model real estate agent

Customer service and the quality of it is what set most companies apart, especially in those who have similar offerings when all other factors are constant. Real estate agents ought to be keen on capitalizing on this if they wish to accumulate a loyal following and stellar reviews for the work they do. It is however not merely about providing excellent customer service. It ought to be paired with professionalism and skills that match. Below are complementary customer services skills that real estate agents should adopt.

Timely responses

Queries responded promptly puts nervous clients at ease. There are several mediums through which a person may have gotten your company’s name. A first time home owner one wanting to rent might be unsure if they have contacted the right agency. A timely response communicates that you’re at their service and that you’re keen to meet their needs. It makes it less about real estate lawyers costs closing deals and more about what they perceive to be important to them.

Go above and beyond

If you have been a real estate agent for a few years, you’re able to preempt questions that clients are likely to ask. Therefore, in your response email, being informative and responding to questions that clients have not articulated paints you in good light. Doing this makes you appear that you care about your client as an individual. What makes excellent customer service what it is it the ability to make a person feel that they are valued. Even though they are paying for a service, a real estate agent is likely to get more referrals if they do not make it about the money. There’s more to gain if you make it about fulfilling a need.

Make it personal

Going beyond the call of duty requires you to treat everyone as a unique case. Companies with generic responses often lose potential clients because they feel they are dealing with an entity instead of a person. Once you interact with someone interested in your services, consider getting to know them at a personal level. That entails finding out their likes, dislikes, and expectations about the property they are looking for. Doing so allows you to customize your suggestions, making it more probable to land what they had perceived in their mind.


Being an ideal real estate agent places you in a better position at having long-term clients and promoting your business through their word of mouth. Therefore, it pays to acknowledge the humanity in all your clients and treat them as such.